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About Dr. Sarder

Dr. M.M. Sardar, elderly and experienced Homeopath, is the founder of Sardar Homeo Hall and by his diligent long research homeopathic treatment numerous cancer patients have gained new life after being cured absolutely. There is no guarantee or certainity rather being relied upon the guiding principle “remedy upon Allah and effort upon man” he has been trying tireless perseverance and research on remedy of cancer and blood cancer treatment since 1978. By this time many cancer patients being cured by the treatment of Dr. M.M. Sardar & many organizations and agencies have rewarded him gold medal. The news of his achievement has published in various newspapers including national transmission media in Bangladesh at deferent times as interview and report. Regarding this success Dr. M.M. Sardar said, “Allah Pak has given diseases and has also given its remedy. Today cancer is not incurable disease. It is not now the correct notion that where there is cancer there is death. So there is no reason for being disappointment. I have been giving cancer treatment since 1978. Since then many cancer patients have regained new life being absolutely cured.

Allah Ta’la has said in holy Quran, “La taknatu Mir-rahmalilla”- don’t be despaired from Rahmat of Allah. Those who are suffering form Cancer- my request to them, come once to take medicine. If Allah would have kept life then all will cure Inshallah.”




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