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Successful Story

Successful cancer treatment in Bangladesh.

Today I am writing this because I got the result. I did not believe on Homeo treatment. We know Chemotherapy is the final treatment in medial science. As a result we got to hospitals and doctors apply this to us. Chemotherapy is effective when the patient is at eleventh hour. But this is a most harmful treatment for the patient.

It was about six years ago. My uncle who were an army in Bangladesh Army were affected by dangerous Liver Cancer. He admitted in Army hospital. Doctors became hopeless after 1.5 months treatment and they declared that he will die within two months. But by God’s grace he is still OK.

He took treatment from Dr. M M Sarder of Sarder Homeo Hall. Dr. M M Sarder is awarded Gold Medal by Bangladesh Prime minister for his cancer research and track record of successful treatment. He basically provide treatment for Blood Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer etc.

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