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What is Homeopathy?


Introductions of Homeopathy.

Those troublesome bad symptoms arise while taking any medicine at corpulent dose in sound body, if small dose of the same medicine applying to the same patient towards tranquilization from the suffering of diseases is called homeopathy or concurrent prescription. As for example in sound body while taking quinine at corpulent dose it happens malaria-like severe intermittent fever. On the other hand at small dose of this quinine it cures similar malaria or intermittent fever.


In homeopathy after testing each medicine in human sound body at corpulent dose, the symptoms received from medicinal plant have been recorded in materia medica.



For the Cancer Patient

Many people know a little bit homeopathies. It is our advice for them, “Don’t give treatment to own self, because it may adverse effect, even it may cause high risk!”

It may also arise bad symptom to some of the cancer patients. Those who will be taking curative medicine of Sardar Hemeo Hall with patience, in their cases those types of bad symptoms or painful symptoms may not perhaps also arise. Even thereafter if any symptom arises due to disease advice is given to consult any local specialist homeopath without being nervous. If the patient cures and benefits from his medicine then continue his medicine but never stop medicine of Sardar Homeo Hall. There will be no side effect.

On the other hand if not curing from the Homeo Medicine given by him rather various painful symptoms will be continuing to increase then without delay you can consult any local specialist allopath doctor. He may provide necessary symptomic treatment to the patient.

If the patient suffers from anaemia he may prescribe fresh whole blood, if he suffers from jaundice he may also prescribe fresh plasma etc. If there is more ascites/plural effusion he may do aspiration if necessary.

What is needed to improve general health condition of the patient he may do that. In this respect there is no need of contacting with or taking advice from Sardar Homeo Hall. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily.

But it is better not to adopt chemotherapy/radiation/operation without special urgency. Because it may causes various side effects.

Whatever may be the situations, don’t stop taking curative medicine of Sardar Homeo Hall. Again there is astonishing good news that any type of medicine in any need may take along with this medicine; so there will be no obstacle for its activation rather it works at its own way. Those who are taking course medicine of Sardar Homeo Hall, they are advised to step in Sardar Homeo Hall, Dhaka before ending their taking medicine or to send their representative or shall request to send medicine through e-mail or mobile telephone. If not getting medicine within 7 days then gives reminder. Be careful there should not be any gap of medicine of the patient.

If conducting the treatments at one’s responsibilities with proper care and enthusiasm the cancer disease may be cured forever and the patient maybe absolutely cure. Don’t despair.

What is meant by Cancer?


Cancer is not a single disease; it is summation of many diseases. By cancer it means irregular, uncontrolled and numberless enhancement of various body cells.

What is Cell?- It may be said in short reply that all animals may it be jerm, insects, beasts and birds or it be human or plant-all are made of innumerable cells. Again these cells are especially active for doing different works. As for example, sperm, ovum etc. work for reproduction of sexcell.


Cells are elemental unit of all animal body. Each cell is able to create same type of cell. Now it makes biocell formation with same type of Cell. In simple word the overall cells of the same type is called biocell. As for example, nervous cell, mussels cell, isthmus cell etc. As the biocell is originated with some cells so after uniting some biocells it creates various parts of the body such as heart, lung, lever, stomach etc. It may be said here also that these organs are parts of the body and that are made of combination of more than one biocell. With the increase of various parts of human body since childhood up to adolescent period the cells included of various biocells of parts of the body began to divide. When there is no need of cell division for initiating normal function of the body only then the division of cell become stopped. How the division of cell of one part of the body will be in what rate, when there will not be needed to increase cells for each organ all these the body regulates itself. This is the natural system of animal body.


When this natural system of animal body becomes obstacle due to any special excitement that means in spite of not having the need the division of cells will continue to run, when no control is to be maintained, then that cell is called cancer cell. This cancer cell do not stop at one place and destroys adjacent biocells after attack. In another word even after getting direction from the body for stopping division of cancer cell it denies. As a result of division of cancer cell natural cells deprived from nutrition and destroyed. So as an effect of constraint destruction of natural cells at one time the disease-affected person fall in death. There is much divergence between natural cell of the body and cancer cells. The cancer-affected cells never stay at one place. It destroys the natural function after attacking adjacent biocells. Some of the cancer cells go from one part to another from the body through blood being displaced and going to further distance and causes more expansion from primary or actual expansion and stopped functioning of that organ- This system is called small expansion and in this way being hindrance in the ways of natural functioning or various organs of the body and destroying those at last it causes the death of the patient. The expansion of cancer may spread rapidly and, in turn, it may cause very slowly. How its expansion will be taken place that depends upon which biocell this disease takes place. At the same time those type of cancer that has its own characteristics the matter is also dependant on it.


That those cancers may attack other bilocells rapidly the expansion of those causes rapidly. These are comparatively more dangerous. At one time the rate of this expansion is very slow-moving at the primary stage of cancer. Then its expansion continue beyond everything. But when its expansion spreaded rapidly at small stage in lever, stomach, lymph vessel etc. then the cancer is detected.


As a result of increase of cancer cell generally it tends to grow tumor and due to that reason another name of cancer is malignant tumor. If it causes in outer layer of the body then it may touch. It adheres to adjacent tissue firmly and cannot move willfully here and there. But all tumors are not cancer. Many of its moles resemble cist or colon. These are limited tumor and treatment may be given easily. But it is necessary to biopsy/FNAC test for sanguine whether it is cancer-affected or not. In that process the disease may diagnose properly.


Due to uncontrolled division of cancer cell it causes expansion of the body parts. But at the same time it is needed to remember that only expansion does not mean cancer. Because this limited expansion may causes banyan tumor or malignant tumor.


If the expansion causes for cancer then division of cell grows rapidly than the increase of limited biocell. Its extension is also causes rapidly side by side with rapid enhancement. Not only that it spreads in other parts from one part of body without being covered in capsule and flowing through blood and lymph vessel. The biocell increases so rapidly in cancer that the surrounding healthy biocell also damages. And for this reason cancer is so dangerous.


Pre-Signal of Cancer


* Such wounded part of the body are not curing naturally. * Propensity of unnatural bleeding. * Old voice-breaking or old cough. * Weight loss of body. * To create any round mass in the breast. *Change of habit of defecate, * Problem of digestion, painful to swallow anything, rising of much mole in the body. * Smoking, drinking, habit of battle-nut and tobacco, various drug addiction and immoral activities, loose character and hostile to religion may be the most reasons of the creation of cancer.

It may be said in short reply that all animals may it be jerm, insects, beasts and birds or it be human or plant-all are made of innumerable cells. Again these cells are especially active for doing different works. As for example, sperm, ovum etc. work for reproduction of sexcell.

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